Walton County計漏284張,侵贏176票 https://www.waltontribune.com/article_23fa8af0-290f-11eb-b159-7fbad026ff58.html Two hundred eighty-four ballots were added from the Between precinct. They netted 176 votes for President Donald Trump. The certified totals as of last week showed Trump, the Republican incumbent, with 37,617, or 74.03%, of 50,811 votes in Walton County. But as of Tuesday afternoon, Trump’s local haul had risen to 37,842, or 74.06% of 51,095 votes. Douglas County計漏293張,侵輸28票 https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/secretary-states-office-finds-another-memory-card-with-hundreds-votes/2Q4TF34UVJEEFGE4EEB3FTMFGI/ The memory card had about 293 votes on it: 156 votes went to President-elect Joe Biden 128 votes went to President Donald Trump